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Senior Java Developer

Oberon Technologies · Apr 7th 2021

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We are looking for a senior java developer to help maintain and extend a large, powerful document processing and web delivery application. The application uses the Spring framework, including Spring Data, Spring MVC, and Spring Security. It includes advanced XML processing capabilities using SAX and XSLT. Near-term future capabilities will include RDF input, output, and processing. Responsibilities

  • Maintain existing codebase for bug fixes, improvements, and dependency upgrades.

  • Assist with design and implementation of RDF stack, integrated with current persistence and processing stacks.

  • Extend security capabilities.

  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders

Skills and Qualifications

  • Proficient in Java8 and Java11 development.

  • Advanced understanding of Spring framework, Spring MVC, and at least one of Spring Security or Spring Data.

  • Ability to use eclipse IDE productively for web application development

  • Good working knowledge of maven project management

  • Solid working knowledge of git source control

  • Testing methodology

  • Use of issue tracking solution (JIRA)

  • Proficient understanding of XML and XSLT

  • Working knowledge of DITA XML framework

  • Familiarity with xAPI, Linked Data, Learning Management Systems

  • Experience with web publishing or structured content management (authoring through delivery)

Other technologies that would need working knowledge or be willing to invest invest in gaining that knowledge:

  • Web architecture and REST principles

  • Linked Data Platform

  • Requirements analysis

  • UML modeling

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