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Software Engineer - Integrations

Octopus Deploy · Apr 6th 2021

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The integrations team builds software that supports new and existing workflow capabilities with Octopus. As a software engineer on the integrations team, you will build add-ons, plugins, and services for popular, third-party services and software that help our customers seamlessly interact with Octopus Deploy.

This role is perfect for individuals who thrive on solving challenging and technical problems. There are many opportunities for platform and ecosystem integration with Octopus Deploy. As a member of the integrations team, you will be expected to build system and tool integrations with Octopus Deploy, as well as seeking to improve the workflow experience of our customers.

Most of the integrations you will build will communicate with Octopus Deploy through its REST API. To be successful in this role, you’ll need a solid understanding of API development and web protocols. And because you’ll be integrating with third-party software, you will have to work with platform SDKs and recommended programming models. This means that you’ll face a steep learning curve. However, you will gain a ton of experience and be exposed to some of the most popular third-party software and systems in the industry.

Read our employee handbook our people repository to discover what it's like working at Octopus. We shape, bet, and build using a method inspired by Shape Up. We work in 8-week cycles, focusing on directed work for 6-weeks, and "sharpening the saw" with undirected work for 2-weeks at the end of each cycle. We remove unnecessary obstacles so you can work directly with customers.

Our teams are software tradespeople who care about doing things right the first time. You will probably be surprised at how collaboratively we work both inside and across our teams, even though our teams work remotely. We take pride in our hard-earned, friendly, consensus-building, and ever-improving remote-first culture.

Working at Octopus may be different from any other job you’ve had before. In many companies, software engineers are treated as an expense to reduce or a revenue stream to increase. In contrast, Octopus is a product company built from the ground up by engineers, for engineers. At Octopus your effort will be appreciated because you are adding value to our products, which are our assets. Also, our customers are people just like us. This makes it easy to relate to our customers and understand what they care about most.

Octopus is not a startup. We do not need venture capital, we have been a sustainably profitable business from day one. We care about building a sustainable company and we do this by helping customers succeed, leaving increased revenue as a happy by-product. A typical day might include

  • Working where you work best, perhaps in a home office designed by you, using a device of your choosing, with or without music, in an atmosphere you create for yourself.

  • Maintaining new or existing integrations that support workflows with Octopus, reviewing issue lists, and answering customer questions.

  • Changing source code hosted in GitHub, collaborating on a pull-request, then shipping a release to customers around the world via an automated build, test, and delivery pipeline, often within the same day.

  • Pairing with team members on Slack or Zoom to solve a complex technical problem or design a new feature.

  • Improving our documentation to help customers discover solutions for themselves, and learn how to use Octopus for more complicated workflows.

  • Writing a blog post about something interesting for other developers or providing the announcement writing for a new integration with Octopus.

You will be a great fit for this role if

  • You are an experienced individual contributor or leader in your current job.

  • You have depth experience and knowledge in web APIs, architecture, and protocols, as well as integration scenarios.

  • You have depth experience and knowledge with a programming language(s) such as C#, Go, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, or Python.

  • You have experience with the systems and tools found in the DevOps software ecosystem.

  • You have a history of writing automated unit and integration testing.

  • You like to measure and analyse to make data-driven decisions.

  • You are comfortable making good decisions with general concepts like dependency, extensibility, and compatibility; and perhaps you are a specialist in an area of software engineering.

  • You enjoy automating things like builds, tests, deployments, infrastructure, and operational tasks.

  • You are able to work independently, motivating yourself to do high-quality work on time, communicating with your teammates when you need help or when you are ready for something new.

  • You enjoy collaborating with other people to solve problems, challenging each other to discover the best solution for a problem, using a balance of passion, pragmatism, and empathy.

  • You are a results-oriented person, someone who is focused on iteratively delivering valuable things to your customers, someone who willingly changes direction based on clear and transparent business information, and someone who helps others do the same.

You will enjoy this role if

  • You are a software consultant or contractor looking to invest your effort into a successful and lasting product.

  • You are a software team lead looking for a better balance of coding and leadership. You are a valuable individual contributor looking to expand your horizons with a world-class software company.

  • You like a balance of freedom and responsibility, being treated as an adult.

  • You want to do the best work of your life with other like-minded people.

  • You enthusiastically accept radically candid feedback, feedback that is thoughtful, timely, and directly actionable, and offer the same benefit to others.

  • You like working with the popular systems and tools, thinking critically of integration scenarios with Octopus.

  • You enjoy doing things the right way from the very beginning.


We'd love to hear from you. Please include a cover letter outlining what you can bring to the role and how Octopus would be a good fit for you. If you look like a good fit, then we will be in touch to arrange a Zoom chat with one of our senior engineers.

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