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HTML5 SPA Developer

ADASHI Systems · Apr 3rd 2021

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Adashi Systems, a software producer and thought leader in the emergency response space, is seeking an experienced HTML5 SPA (Single Page Application) developer to create the client side of Mobile Applications, Web Applications, and Desktop Applications from the same TypeScript codebase. Join us in improving the efficacy of first responders and helping to make the world a little safer.

1) Essentials

  1. Applicant must be able to contribute to and help maintain a large TypeScript code base used to build and regularly update multiple applications by maximizing code reuse. The code base is organized using npm packages and CommonJS modules. It is deployed via Webpack.

  2. Applicant must have an effective and in depth working knowledge of TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and CommonJS.

  3. Applicant must have a solid understanding of Computer Science principles. Specifically, the applicant must be able to understand and make coding and architectural choices based on understanding the underlying costs and principles of core technologies and code reuse patterns rather than following recipes learned online or in boot camp type training programs.

  4. Applicant must be, or be able to grow into, a developer capable of creating multiple robust “desktop type” applications from the same code base deployed everywhere (web, mobile, and desktop). These are robust and unique applications similar to how Lucidchart (, is capable of providing a Visio replacement in a browser and mobile application. These applications are not mere WordPress or Magento type framework configurations and extensions. For this position, expertise in software engineering is far more valuable than marketing and web content authoring.

2) Immediately Valuable

A working knowledge of the following technologies would allow an ideal candidate to hit the ground running. However, we are open to allowing the right candidate with mastery of the essentials above to learn these technologies on the job.

  1. Angular 4

  2. Bootstrap

  3. Webpack

  4. Sass

3) Room for Growth

Future projects could allow the applicant to use and/or develop additional skills including:

  1. SVG and mathematics essential to 2D graphic applications.

  2. Use of C#, SQL Server, .NET, and asynchronous programming patterns for server side development.

  3. First-hand understanding and evaluating the needs of markets, interacting with customers, documenting workflows, and designing full applications.

All developers are also encouraged and given regular time to expand their skills and domain knowledge to achieve continual growth that will benefit themselves and the organization for years to come.

4) Other Benefits

This opportunity comes with an excellent benefits package and flexible working hours. Additionally, this position affords great work space flexibility.

Please Note: You must be eligible to work in the USA without a visa or visa renewal. No visas will be sponsored.

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