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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Trafilea · Feb 23rd 2021

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Cloud Infrastructure engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining Trafilea’s cloud infrastructure that supports a variety of mission-critical services. They plan, coordinate and execute projects for new implementations or integrations between systems or services. They collaborate effectively with developers and a committed team to understand their challenges, work through their issues and provide solutions that can be adopted widely.

Expected Outcomes

  • Manage and maintain infrastructure systems.

  • Maintaining and developing a highly automated services landscape and open source services.

  • Take over the ownership for integral components of technology and make sure it grows aligned with company success.

  • Scale systems and ensure the availability of services with developers on changes to the infrastructure, required by new features and/or products.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build, engineer, and support cloud platform IaaS services

  • Partner with application teams to provision scalable workloads reliable across distributed compute resources

  • Provide engineering and operational support for infrastructure systems including configuration management, troubleshooting and provisioning

  • Implement and maintain security controls

  • Work closely with development teams to understand application performance and behavior patterns to proactively monitor, tune and correct issues before they occur

  • Identify opportunities to improve reliability, performance and security

  • Develop tools and automation to eliminate manual and repetitive efforts

  • Continuously optimize secure, scalable and performant tools and services

  • Drive fault detection and correction, performance and uptime at global scale

  • Instrument systems to gain visibility and understanding of how they are performing at any time

  • Automate and orchestrate systems to enable accelerated software configuration deployment

  • Build and maintain CI/CD infrastructure

Requirements Must-haves:

  • BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering or related field.

  • +04 years experience in similar roles

  • Knowledge of core Internet protocols (IP, TCP, DNS, TLS, HTTP)

  • Understanding of Unix/Linux operating systems.

  • Experience with container and cluster management tools (Kubernetes, Docker).

  • Excellent documentation and verbal+written communication skills in English.

  • Experience with IaaS cloud providers, AWS is a must

  • Experience with monitoring platforms such as Datadog, Prometheus, New Relic

  • Experience automating repetitive operational tasks using Python and/or shell.

  • The expertise of at least one development language, such as Python or others is a plus

  • Experience managing database engines such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB.

  • Deep, hands-on experience with foundational infrastructure capabilities, including HA, DR, Network, Routing, Firewall, DNS,

  • Storage, DB, Linux Administration and configuration management

  • Experience developing Ansible, Puppet or Salt

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of working with us.

Live Where You Want: Proximity doesn’t influence productivity. As a globally distributed team, you can live and work wherever you want. Take Vacation (Seriously): Yes, we’re growing and need your undivided attention, but we encourage you to take a vacation! It’s important to get out and do something. Up Your Game: We love to see our people growing fast. We budget for it! Think courses, conferences, events… it’s really up to you and your manager.

What to Expect Although there is flexibility on the work schedule, you would usually need to be available Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (Uruguay, Montevideo - Time Zone)

What We Have to Offer You

  • Competitive salary

  • Very good growth opportunities based on a result-oriented compensation plan

  • As we said, training and development opportunities are on us!

  • Work in an endless project

If After Reading This Job Post You Still Feel this Opportunity Is for You .. Please, Apply Now!

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