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Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer

SimplePay · Feb 17th 2021

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SimplePay and Our Approach to Dev

Did you know that developing business software doesn't have to be boring?

At SimplePay, we've brought craftsmanship to payroll software. We love solving thorny business problems with elegant code. That is why our founder, a developer, started the company to begin with. This philosophy has brought us 14 000 clients and counting across South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland.

We use proven infrastructure and frameworks, so that we can focus on well-designed code. We have good test coverage and all PRs have to pass CI before merging.

You'll be part of a culture of constant feedback and improvement. If you like the thought of growing as a developer (non-technical skills included), you'll be right at home.

Collaboration is key. You'll be interacting with the team to hash out features, and all your PRs will be reviewed and discussed. We’re a fun and diverse group of people who enjoy solving problems, simplifying things and a bit of good banter. You can read more about the team here and get some insight into the dev side on our tech blog.

Best of all, we're a stable company and have been profitable for many years.

TL;DR of the Role


  • Our work is back-end-heavy Ruby on Rails and we use PostgreSQL as our data store.

  • We also use a bit of Vue.js but believe server-side rendering is still the best default.


  • Due to our full pipeline, we are ideally looking to hire developers who have at least three (3) years of Rails experience at this time, or highly experienced polyglots who at least know some Ruby.

  • That said, if you fit the rest of the bill and are keen to learn Ruby on Rails while contributing meaningfully to our clients and working with a dedicated and passionate bunch of people, this could be a good fit for you.

The work will include

  • Doing direct integrations with other systems (hopefully banks too, eventually). Expanding our API for other systems to integrate with us.

  • Adding new features.

  • Optimising for performance.

  • Integrating with government systems.

  • Squashing bugs.

  • Improving security.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa or Remote within UTC+0 to UTC+8

If this sounds like your dream job, please mail directly to apply (DO NOT use the built in functionality here - we do not monitor it) and ensure that

  • your resume / CV is attached in PDF format; and

  • your email body starts with the following 2 headers:

  • Time zone: Your time zone here

  • PR/Issue: A link to a PR or issue you’ve logged for an open source project, no matter how small or long ago.

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