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SecOps Engineer · Feb 15th 2021

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At Proton we're bringing cutting-edge technology to the world of business-to-business distribution. It's a large market that offers an enormous opportunity for growth. The industry we serve accounts for trillions of dollars of revenue a year. It's a huge chance to have an impact by shaking up an industry that's still waking up to the promise of technology. We have a chance to really transform the way a huge number of people work for the better, and bridge the gap between amazing software tools and human expertise.

By searching for truth in our customers' data we're helping them make better decisions and be more effective. We are looking for a SecOps engineer to help make that vision a reality.

Our backend is largely written with Python, so some experience with that or another dynamic programming language are essential, as is comfort with and interest in cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, and containerized architectures. Good time management, communication and organizational skills are a plus.

As a SecOps engineer you will be a part of our foundations team, working to build out new internal features and improve our current systems, such as permissions management and a development environment. You'll help with CI/CD projects, and will implement and maintain security best practices. You will also problem solve creatively to design and manage the security strategy across Google Cloud infrastructure and user facing applications, ensuring that any potential security issues are quashed before they begin.

At Proton, we hire a little differently. Read about that and more on our engineering blog.

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