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Ruby on Rails Developer - Fullstack

Webbernet · Feb 9th 2021

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Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia URL:


About us - We build custom software for medium/large sized businesses here in AU. We are looking for a full stack web developer to join the team, and assist us in building and maintaining our existing applications in various Ruby frameworks.

  • We love good code design and very enthusiastic in following the SOLID principles along with rigourous automated testing.
  • We focus on providing a distraction free environment for our developers.
  • We aren't big on regular meetings, we like to get out of your way.
  • We use Discourse teams & Clubhouse to communicate internally. We prefer asyncronous communication to keep distractions low for everyone.
  • We provide flexibility. If you need to shift hours around we are happy to do so.
  • We use Ruby on Rails, Resque, Buildkite, VueJS

Successful candidate is:

  • Self motivated - We don't micro-manage and we trust that our developers can deliver results without constant oversight.
  • Overlaps at least a few hours with Australia business hours (at least 3 or 4 hours overlap to us in Brisbane (GMT+10)
  • Has experience in Ruby on Rails web development and comfortable with large monolithic applications
  • Comfortable enough to work in the front end. It's not a huge focus but we are looking for a full stack developer that can take a feature from planning to delivery.
  • AWS experience is a plus but not required

Bonus if you follow Sandi Metz!

To apply:

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