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Enduring Ventures · Feb 8th 2021

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Headquarters: Nevada, United States URL:

Enduring Ventures: Recruiter Job Description

Enduring Ventures is seeking a junior or senior level recruiter to help a growing holding company and their portfolio as their team scales. Enduring Ventures seeks to hire a humble, creative, diverse team of talented individuals who are values-driven, smart and adaptable self-starters and are looking for a recruiter who matches this profile as well. This person will be key in helping fill positions from across domains, and play a significant role in creating the culture and dynamics of this exciting new venture.

Primary Tasks

  • Create (or corroborate) a strategically efficient hiring process that highlights transparency
  • Design an effective “work tests” for potential/likely candidates that is appropriate for their potential role
  • Design and executing a process that highlights professionalism, timeliness, and thoroughness in reference checking
  • Display work on Asana, including notes, videos, profiles and resumes
  • Conduct screening calls as the first line of defense in the hiring process
  • Assist in scheduling second and third round interview calls with EV stakeholders
  • Contribute to the advisement on hiring priorities, and set achievable timelines to fill those roles
  • Work with HR to effectively and professionally onboard candidates who are hired

Job Requirements

  • Experience with Asana, Google App, Zoom, and PEOs (ideally Gusto)
  • Experience hiring and managing multiple tasks at the same time
  • High levels of communication and organizational skills
  • 3+ years experience managing remote teams, and working remotely
  • Mature existing networks to pull from is a plus
  • Critical thinking skills and adaptability a must
  • Self starter

To apply:

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