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Senior Android Developer

Velocity · Feb 5th 2021

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Position: Senior Android Developer REMOTE Department: Software Development Work Schedule: Monday – Friday Salary: Exempt Supervisory Responsibility: No Supervisor: Manager of Software Development

Velocity, A Managed Services Company is looking for a passionate and experienced Android developer who wants to play a critical role in the development, design, and build of high-end, scalable software solutions that push application development to its limits. You will integrate with a team of like-minded individuals who are self-driven to succeed, have positive attitudes, and use innovation to build next generation Mobile and TV Applications.

Responsibilities of the Senior Android Developer

  • Design, build, and maintain native applications across Android devices with priority on a positive user experience and scalability.

  • Write clean and modular code that adheres to standards, minimizes technical debt, and improves code coverage.

  • Keep quality at the forefront of all work that is performed.

  • Assist in maintaining old projects by working on bug reports and creating new features.

  • Create issues that help track improvements that are needed on projects.

  • Perform occasional self-evaluation on personal skillset and work on improving and learning new concepts and technologies.

  • Perform all duties and tasks as assigned to fulfill departmental and business needs.


  • Passionate in creating solutions for end-users with quality-focused design and functionality.

  • Self-driven and focused to achieve a high level of productivity and turnover of tasks and projects.

  • Upholds an elevated attention to detail to ensure superior solutions are applied in all work.

  • Demonstrates strong problem-solving skills and has a knack for debugging code to find issues.

  • Utilizes excellent communication skills to discuss and plan projects and work and interactions with customers are always positive.

  • Collaborates well within the team to provide feedback on others’ work and integrates well during project work to sustain accurate and timely solutions.

  • Eagerness to rapidly dive into existing code projects (potentially undocumented) to become intimate with project intentions and features.

Knowledge and Abilities

  • Ability to build AOSP from source.

  • Deep understanding of Java development with respect to practices (TDD/CI), paradigms (Functional/OOP), and common design patterns.

  • Familiarity with Java to debug and or extend lower level modules.

  • General knowledge of device simulators and use of terminal commands, process management, and networking concepts for efficient local testing.

  • Experience with version control systems using Git and Git-based repository services (GitHub/GitLab).

  • General knowledge of device security, the integration of CORS and CSP, and the familiarity of common OWASP concepts.

  • Experience with implementing code testing including functional, integration, and unit tests.

  • Experience with development tools including IDEs, terminals, and other common development tools.

  • Familiarity of the Java ecosystem and the utilization of third-party libraries.

  • Experience configuring and using compilers, package signers, package bundlers, and linters.

Optional Knowledge and Abilities The following qualifications are not needed but are considered extremely beneficial when working this position.

  • Knowledge in C and C++ programming languages.

Minimum Required Experience

  • 5+ years developing Android Apps, using Java, using frameworks and/or modern libraries.

  • 5+ years of demonstrable experience with real-world Android projects.

  • Strong knowledge of Android Architecture.

Preferred Experience

  • 8+ years developing Android Apps, using Java, using frameworks and/or modern libraries.

  • 8+ years of demonstrable experience with real-world Android projects.

  • 1+ years developing with the Android NDK.

  • 1+ years development of the Android TV Suite.

  • Portfolio demonstrating relevant experience and project work.

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