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Machine Learning Engineer, IoT

Flock Safety · Feb 3rd 2021

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About the opportunity

As an IoT Software / Machine Learning Engineer you will work hand-in-hand with the Device and Machine Learning group to push our IoT ML capabilities to the limit. You will lead the design, optimization and productionization of our IoT models and its processing application to help determine hardware requirements, extend the types of evidence we can capture, and optimize the quality and latency of the evidence we deliver to our customers.

Some challenges you’ll tackle

  • Design, analyze, and optimize models for the device they will run on

  • Analyze and report accuracy / latency trade-offs for model choices

  • Design and write highly performant processing pipeline applications

  • Test model performance on various accelerators and SoMs

  • Design and develop testing software to evaluate product capabilities and requirements

About You

  • Java / C++ experience (5+ years)

  • Python experience (5+ years)

  • Experience developing IoT / Embedded ML applications (3+ years)

  • Experience training and optimizing IoT ML models (3+ years)

  • Basic git knowledge

  • Able to take on complex problems, learn quickly, iterate, and persist towards a good solution

  • Effectively communicate, at the level of your audience, and seek to understand and be understood

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