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Android Developer - Bluetooth and RF

Aurum · Feb 2nd 2021

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Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden URL:

We are looking for a Senior Android Developer with experience in wireless connectivity (RFID/NFC, Bluetooth/BLE) to help us build a tool to allow the analysis of drivers based on their driving patterns. We use information available in a driver's phone (speed, accelerometer, milage etc) in order to track and analyse patterns.

On our project, you will be responsible for:

  1. Selecting the best device to install on vehicles that will be linked to a driver's phone
  1. Integrate the devices with the Beacon and push the behavioral data to our servers

About you:

  1. You are a proactive professional that works autonomously as part of a multidisciplinary team
  1. You have been involved in Android development for a few years, and understand the design principles behind building Android apps.
  1. You understand and can apply security best practices in Android platform
  1. You have previous experience integrating devices with hardware using (RFID/NFC, Bluetooth/BLE...)

To apply:

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