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Senior Software Engineer

PicassoMD · Feb 1st 2021

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As the first dedicated engineering hire, you will have a large impact on the entire PicassoMD technical ecosystem including system design, back-end architecture, mobile app development, and PicassoMDs software lifecycle processes. You will be working with and learning a wide variety of technologies and expanding your engineering capabilities.

Specifically, youll be:

  • Translating specs and designs into user-facing features in our React Native mobile app and Ruby on Rails web application
  • Adding back-end APIs to support the mobile app
  • Choosing technologies and strategies to support our APIs and app
  • Helping to establish an automated regression testing strategy and implementation
  • Contributing ideas for new features and enhancements to all of PicassoMDs products and systems


In addition to your salary and annual bonus, PicassoMD offers:

  • Company-paid health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Equity in PicassoMD (all employees are owners and youll be treated as such)
  • Half day Fridays, year round

Our company values are designed to make working at PicassoMD the best job youll ever have:

  • Take Ownership - we provide trust, transparency, and agency and in turn expect accountability and responsibility
  • Learn Constantly - we embrace a growth mindset, are curious and open-minded, seek constant improvement, experiment and fail fast
  • The Best Idea Wins - we encourage everyone to contribute ideas and use data to make decisions
  • Health and Balance - we promote healthy living and balance with our non-work lives
  • Be Good to Each Other - we are positive, encouraging, respectful, grateful and giving

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