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C++ Developer - Europe

Mega · Jan 18th 2021

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  • Senior C++ Backend Dev Role – European city based!

  • Become a pivotal part of our SDK MEGA team!

  • We’re the leading encrypted communication and storage platform and we’re growing

We are MEGA, The Privacy Company. We have more than 200 million registered users across the globe, and more than 90 team members spread all around the world. We hire the best and most talented people to work on our highly scalable and well-respected platforms.

You will be a great team player and always up to date with the latest technological advances. This is an opportunity to join a leading company in software development that serves hundreds of millions of users and to advance your career as an information technology specialist..

Mega is building a new API to smooth the integration of third party apps. You will be working on its development and deployment. That will include work-load balancing, bottleneck identification, performance improvements, new API’s coverage, extending use cases and addressing all challenges that putting this in production for a potentially massive user mass could create.

About you:

  • You hold a Tertiary Qualification in Computer Engineering / Computer Science from a recognised University with more than 5 years experience working in C++

  • You have commercial experience developing quality C++ code, you’re familiar and practised with both C++98 and C++11 (and beyond)

  • Experience developing backends with REST or any HTTP interface

  • Experience using Amazon S3 REST API or AWS SDKs or similar storage services

  • You have some experience in profiling apps, identifying bottlenecks and programming caches

  • Knowledge of OpenAPI Specification

  • Familiarity with the use of version control software tools (Github or SVN)

  • You can understand and code unit and integration tests

  • Experience debugging in-production applications


  • You have proven design skills; you’re able to design solutions that are efficient both at runtime and in implementation effort and synergise well with existing designs

  • You are able to transform abstract solutions into efficient, low-lock-contention, massively multithreaded algorithms.

  • You’re disciplined and can write test cases that exercise critical functionality, without adding too much maintenance to the codebase

  • You are platform-agnostic & flexible with the build environments (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS) that you work within

We’re after someone who can demonstrate these personal attributes:

  • Responsibleness – You take care to provide correctness first, since MEGA clients are entrusting their data to our code.

  • The ability to understand and adapt to cross-platform developments, from mobile apps to desktop clients

  • An understanding MEGA’s customer base, you understand how systems work to ensure our products run and can be used as intended.

If you feel you’ve got the skills and abilities to perform this role, live in the ‘European timezone’ (this is a non-negotiable), and are able to work effectively in a team, including understanding others’ code and designs, and adapting to other team members’ preferences, then we’d love to hear more from you.

Please note: If you have read the ad, and you live outside the EU, please, do not apply, this role is being specifically hired in Europe, ONLY!

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