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Android Mobile App Developer

Bublup · Jan 11th 2021

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The Job

Bublup is hiring experienced Android developers to create state of the art interfaces for large-scale and highly interactive applications. Our projects are ground-breaking in terms of how users will interact with data and each other. We are looking for people who love to write code, but also have a great imagination.

Skill Areas

We want talented people who have experience with various technologies for front-end development, and who adapt to whatever the right architecture, languages, and libraries are to build the best total system and deliver the best user experience.

Some Important Skills:

  • 2+ Years of Native Android Development Experience

  • Degree in Computer Science or a related technical field, with strong understanding of programming concepts.

  • Solid Understanding of Java and Android APIs

  • Strong Object-Oriented Skills

  • Experience Integrating with REST APIs

  • Push Notifications

  • Bonus points for:

  • Kotlin Experience

  • SQL Experience

  • Javascript Experience

  • UI Animations

  • Mobile UX Design

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