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Content Marketing Manager

Entrepreneurs Across Borders · Jan 4th 2021

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*This is a remote opportunity based in the United States*

Entrepreneurs Across Borders (EAB) is a nonprofit organization that identifies, curates and connects emerging entrepreneurs in impoverished areas with resources they need to create jobs, sustainable livelihoods and equitable growth.

We're hiring a remote Content Community Manager who will be responsible for evangelizing, producing and managing original and external content and deliverables (including website, social media, videos and other projects). This position is instrumental in updating and executing SEO/SEM best practices and developing, prioritizing, communicating and analyzing the organizational strategic plan to breed engagement.

What You Will Do:

Produce and manage the creation of original content that supports the cause oriented mission of the organization:

  1. Develop and edit communications materials for website, newsletter, blog, press releases and social media.

  2. Implement the organizations communications deliverables that identify, curate and connect stakeholders

  3. Write project briefs to document scope of projects, creative input and budget

  4. Identify tasks and resources to create a master communications calendar and project plan

  5. Identify milestones, dependencies and issues to manage throughout the process

  6. Coordinate efforts across communications disciplines to ensure deliverable dates are met Knowledge and management of distribution channels appropriate for engagement:

  7. Coordinate content integration to leverage content across audiences and channels

  8. Website & social media content management & maintenance Manage the creation and identification of content in the organizations CRM and portal with original and third party content that engages the organization community.

  9. Manages updates to existing CRM, portal, website CMS

  10. Proactively manage and track metrics to ensure visibility, quality, predictability and performance impact. Tracks, measures and drives analytics that demonstrates and builds engagement of targeted stakeholders

  11. Identify, track and communicate meaningful data points for stakeholders, sponsors and donors Manage communications relationships with strategic partners, media players and vendors to grow engagement and impact.

  12. Select vendor to meet project criteria

  13. Brief vendor to develop creative content (e.g., copy, artwork, concept development, layout, format, etc.) and timeline

  14. Reviews and selects concepts to ensure established criteria (e.g., cost effectiveness, brand alignment, channel, etc.) are met

  15. Write project briefs to document scope of projects, creative input and budget

  16. Identify tasks and resources to create a master project plan

  17. Identify milestones, dependencies and issues to manage throughout the process

  18. Coordinate efforts across communications disciplines to ensure deliverable dates are met

  19. Completes review process with stakeholders, legal and management through final approval

  20. Manages vendor performance and resolves issues to mitigate project risks

  21. Manages project budget, opens jobs, approves invoices for payment

Required Skills:

  1. Must have a passion for economic development and/or social responsibility initiatives
  2. Must be able to create relevant, highly engaging content that inspires, engages and empowers our audience
  3. Demonstrate the ability to consume a large volume of inputs from a variety of sources to manage creation of deliverables
  4. Ability to make strategic recommendations to positively impact projects; ability to generate positive return-on-investment
  5. Outstanding people skills with the ability to form trusting relationships, work collaboratively and build personal credibility
  6. and brand
  7. Proven project management skills are a necessity, as well as the ability to load balance across multiple projects
  8. Good issues management and communication skills
  9. Demonstrates ability to create and manage a budget and to ensure projects are delivered within budget

Qualifications Typically Required:

  1. 5 years related experience in content creation and marketing communications
  2. Experience in pushing content through bulk email services (e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc.), as well as commonly used social media site like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Experience in tools that help with marketing analytics that drives communications strategy
  4. Experience and functional with Google, Apple & Microsoft suite of products
  5. Passion for entrepreneurship and/or cause oriented missions preferred
  6. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, information technology or related is preferred About Entrepreneurs Across Borders, Inc.

We are working to create a better tomorrow!

As a bridge between experienced entrepreneurs and emerging entrepreneurs to create worldwide business growth in impoverished communities, we connect and equip emerging entrepreneurs on a global scale with resources to successfully build and grow businesses that will transform lives, create economic self-sufficiency in their communities, and meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

We value honesty, respect, and the desire to create businesses that will build sustainable communities around the globe for our emerging entrepreneurs and staff as partners, stakeholders, and leaders.

We strive to be reliable, resourceful, and innovative and are committed to educating, including, assisting, and collaborating with communities and entrepreneurs in all that we do.

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