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Project Manager with at least C1 German

BetterQA · Jan 4th 2021

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Headquarters: Cluj-Napoca, Romania URL:


  • Lead website design and development projects with cross-functional teams, several partner agencies, several stakeholder groups
  • Constantly manage stakeholder expectations and communicate transparently around budget, timings, and scope
  • Empower the project team to deliver the best possible outcome by following a joint vision
  • Manage risk and opportunities
  • Provide stability and clarity around topics surrounded by complexity and uncertainty
  • Enforce a value-driven mindset
  • Drive constant optimization of the way we work, in the project, cross-department, and as a company


  • At least three years of project management in projects with several stakeholder groups and cross-functional teams in web-development projects, especially content and e-learning websites and middlewares, with at least two delivered projects in the last two years
  • Project communication and coordination with Jira
  • Documentation management with Confluence
  • Project planning with MS Project
  • Working in increments
  • German at least C1, German-speaking experience in the last 2 years

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