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QA Lead

Sleeknote · Jan 4th 2021

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Headquarters: Aarhus, Denmark URL:

To start because we all hate finding the perfect position in the wrong timezone. While this position is remote, we’re looking for someone who will have significant overlap (at least 5 hours) with Central European Time during a typical workday. We’re not hiring from locations that require a graveyard shift to make the overlap happen.

At Sleeknote, we’re looking for someone that will run tests that protect users and the company. Since you will be our first full-time QA position, you should be comfortable wearing multiple hats, from helping Support with an issue to testing a new feature to making sure other departments are ready for a feature release. You will also have a hand in defining how QA should work at Sleeknote.

Here are some things we’re looking for:

  • You understand that communication is the most significant responsibility of your job and the one you’re least likely to get right unless you focus on it.
  • When you take on a task, whether it’s huge and scary or tiny and boring, you’re going to see it through to the best of your ability.
  • You have a vision for how QA should work, and working with others, take small steps each day to get there.

What we expect from our QA Lead:

  • Work with the Product and Development teams in developing a QA testing strategy for features and regressions.
  • Determining and running the appropriate balance of manual and possibly automated tests, as well as the types of tests (UI, API, functional/performance/load, and so on)
  • Test and possibly review your teammates’ pull requests
  • Support customer success in diagnosing customer issues
  • Coordinate with other departments on feature releases

About you:

  • Significant experience in manual software testing. Automated testing experience is a big plus.
  • Advanced problem-solving, debugging, and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to manage tasks from assignment through to production
  • Have remote communication and collaboration down to an art (chat, video, email, etc.)
  • A solid team player. We discuss options but all commit to one solution.
  • Highly value working with people you like and respect, you’re agile, humble, trustworthy, and you’re comfortable working asynchronously, too.
  • Accountable and hungry to play an impactful role and not afraid to fail.

Even if you don’t feel you are a perfect fit for everything described, **please apply**as we are excited to hear from people looking to grow.

To apply:

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