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Senior Platform Engineer

Rialtic · Nov 13th 2020

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Rialtic is looking for experienced engineers and leaders to help us design and deliver reactive, serverless architectures capable of processing billions of transactions. Our products operate on highly regulated data that require extensive testing and exacting security controls. Our platform results must meet exceedingly high performance and quality from equally demanding clients. Consequently, we require industry certifications and continuing education. The person will also be responsible for helping us curating a collaborative team of highly skilled developers who have a track record of success and a proven ability to empower their colleagues.

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The key responsibilities of the Senior Platform Engineer are:

  • Work with partners within the organization to develop reactive serverless architectures capable of processing billions of requests

  • Develop cost management strategies for containing and reducing infrastructure costs

  • Collaborate with product leaders to find the fastest paths to customer value

  • Curating a collaborative team of highly skilled developers capable of empowering their teammates to deliver sophisticated solutions

  • Develop strategies for improving and sustaining exceptional quality levels

  • Expressive and receptive proficiency in a number of different programming languages

  • Engage with early adopters to create an exceptional experience by identifying and implementing solutions designed to make it easy to use our platform.

  • Collaborate with our community leaders to understand and respond to the needs of our development and curation communities

  • Prepare and present management reports on the status and progress of activities against goals

  • Documentation Discipline and the ability to create informative diagrams to explain architectures

Our Technology Stack

  • AWS
  • Lambda

  • Fargate

  • S3

  • DynamoDB

  • Sagemaker

  • Golang

  • Terraform

  • GitHub

Who you are

  • Adapts easily to changes

  • An eagerness to work with remote, multi-national, multi-cultural teams

  • Fact-driven in analysis and recommendations

  • Curious to learn and explore new approaches

  • Player / Coach leadership style

  • Efficient work habits – ability to focus on what matters most

  • Obsession with client value

  • Demonstrated strength in talent selection and management

  • Strong execution skills and action bias

Candidacy Buffs

  • AWS Professional Certifications (Solutions Architect)

  • 2+ years of experience building serverless, reactive architectures

  • 2+ years of Golang experience

  • 2+ years of Terraform experience

  • Test driven development experience

  • Experience in healthcare (provider or payer)

This is a remote position that involves extensive communication with colleagues using online services, such as Slack and Zoom. The candidate must have a quiet and private location to work from and fast Internet for seamless, fluid communications.

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