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Engineering Manager

FiscalNote · Nov 10th 2020

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About the Position

As we continue to change the game for GovTech, you will be jumping headfirst into a team of passionate and talented individuals. As an Engineering Manager will manage a team of 7+ full-stack Software Engineers and an augmented staff of contractors, working closely with peers in product and other stakeholders to define and execute software engineering that aligns with company and R&D vision and goals and challenge your skills as a technologist leader as you lead the built of cutting-edge features. Beyond enhancing and pushing forward the capabilities of our client-facing application, you will be critical in guiding and developing software that powers our applications. The work represented by the members of your team is likely to be diverse, representing any of the company’s product lines and corresponding technology stacks. Your focus will be to see and plan for the connections across that work, and to develop best practices and processes that prioritize excellence and collaboration. While you will help lead in technical direction, this role will also require you to dive into the tech, leveraging your development and engineering experience while growing the skills of the team around you.

About the Team

Our team has a wealth of diverse life and career experiences that allow us to think outside of the box and ahead of the curve. You'll get the opportunity to work at an institution pushing the boundaries of open data transparency while collaborating with some of the industry’s brightest engineers and data scientists to devise, nurture, and implement cutting-edge solutions to continuously evolving engineering challenges.

About You

Ambitious. Detail-oriented. Thoughtful. Although proud of how far you’ve come in honing your craft, you look forward to constantly growing in your technical abilities. Even more excited to share your skills and experiences, you thrive in collaborative environments in which the free flow of ideas serves as the catalyst for bold results. Feeding off of a highly competent engineering and product development culture, you yearn to contribute to the foundational growth of a company with unlimited growth and market capture potential.

What to Expect:

  • Lead a team of 7+ software engineers ranging from junior to senior experience, facilitating their growth and expanding their software development and engineering skills to meet both individual and company goals

  • Manage legacy and newly formed cross functional teams to align with strategic goals and drive teams to achieve initiatives aligned with the R&D technical roadmap

  • Lead teams on a number of projects including containerization and CI/CD actions, integration and modernization of data pipelines in to existing products, developing best practices for secure software development and application security, technical-stack modernization to ensure product stability and enterprise integration, and development of new product features while simultaneously eliminating technical debt

  • Performance management of the engineering team including coaching and development meetings that help individuals become more dynamic, technology-agnostic engineers

  • Foster strong collaboration between peer groups in Engineering including weighing-in on technical decisions and direction, and helping to drive alignment among a diverse collection of technical ideas

What Sets You Apart:

  • 7+ years of experience as a Software Engineer with 3+ years of mentoring a highly talented and diverse team of full-stack Software Engineers

  • Developed engineering best practices and processes that prioritize excellence in various areas (CI/CD, version control, cloud infrastructure, integration testing, etc)

  • Strong understanding of coding best practices and controls and ability to lead a team in technical directions leveraging these best practices

  • Exceptional software integration and architecture exposure and experience driving a team to aligned technical solutions, including gaining buy-in from dissenting ideas

  • Experienced in Agile methodologies and practices

  • Collaborated across functions (Product, UX, and other stakeholders)

  • Communicated technical information to non-technical audiences and providing clear, concise, and constructive feedback

  • Technical experience with a range of technology stacks including Java, Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, Redis, Postgres, Oracle, ElasticSearch, and Python but open to learning new technologies and identifying the best technical solutions for technical challenges

  • Ability to support both an established product that is being modernized through containerization and a rapidly growing product that requires both new feature updates while eliminating technical debt

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