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Remote Software Engineer

Gearset · Nov 16th 2020

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At Gearset, we build a cutting-edge release management solution for the millions of developers building applications on Salesforce, the world's biggest enterprise PaaS. You'll join a passionate and experienced cross-functional development team with a laser focus on quality - from infrastructure, to code, to user experience. The features you build will make thousands of businesses around the world more effective.

You'll be a good fit if you:

  • Can write code and solve complex problems. Generally, this means having: a bachelor's degree from a top university, or a few years experience working as a programmer in a software development team

  • Like to write well-structured, testable code, with a focus on simplicity and maintainability

  • Care about quality, not only of the code you write, but of the product you're building

  • Are comfortable with both frontend and backend development

  • Enjoy working with a collaborative team of varied disciplines, including developers, designers, marketers and salespeople

  • Have an enthusiasm for working directly with users to build and deliver the right features

  • Are a skilled developer, but more importantly, have an innate desire to learn and improve

  • Can work closely with your team members and make an active effort to collaborate effectively

Working at Gearset, you will:

  • Maintain and extend existing features, and collaborate with the rest of the development team to spec, design and build new features end-to-end

  • Learn from, and share your experience with, a great team - alumni of Microsoft, EA and Cambridge University to name a few

  • Become familiar with a pragmatically-chosen tech stack, including a mix of cutting-edge and proven technologies such as Docker, AWS, C#, and TeamCity

  • Work closely with users, delighting them with support, researching new features and soliciting feedback

  • Contribute opinions on a range of topics, from development practices to product strategy and roadmap

Nice to haves:

  • Familiarity with JavaScript and C#

  • Experience working on a hosted product

  • Experience working in an agile development team, following software engineering best practices

  • Previous experience working remotely


  • Salary is £32k - £60k, depending on experience

  • Bupa health care

  • Flexible working hours

  • Please note that you must be based in the UK for this role.

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