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Engineering People Management Coach

Bitso · Nov 2nd 2020

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bout Bitso:

Bitso is Latin America’s leading cryptocurrency platform. Our goal is to evolve how we think about and use money. To achieve this, we provide individuals with fast, cheap, seamless and user-friendly financial services powered by blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, or programmable money, does not rely on an intermediary to give it legitimacy or value. Instead, it is valuable because of the peer-to-peer technology that runs it. We think it’s time for the world to have an alternative form of currency.

We believe that we should all have the opportunity to use our money whenever we want it, and how we want it, without boundaries or schedules; we believe that we all have the right to access and use safe, fast and efficient financial services that do not charge excessive fees and that suit the digital era we live in. We firmly believe in Blockchain technology and its use cases. We support financial innovation and everybody’s right to access new and beneficial technologies. Visit us at

What we value:

  • Passion for Bitso’s mission

  • Entrepreneurial mindset, this is key!

  • Be inspired and energized by our values: Drive change, Be human, Embrace your freedom.

  • Rolling up your sleeves and getting things done. No task is insignificant.

  • Raising the quality bar and challenging others

  • Seeing opportunities when others see problems

  • Passion for working with a diverse group of people and different points of view

  • A collaborative spirit who gives thoughtful and constructive feedback

  • Making decisions guided by long-term company objectives

  • Setting ambitious goals, taking risks, and empowering others

Team & Role Description:

Bitso is growing very rapidly and one of the biggest challenges of scalability is people.

As we scale our teams and products we need to make sure culture, engagement, productivity, accountability and innovation scale as well. This requires a whole set of skills, tools and techniques that enable engineers to thrive in ever larger groups just as when they do in early stage startups.

The Engineering People Management Coach will interact closely with Software Engineers, Chapter Heads, the VP of Engineering, the CTO, Agile Coaches and Product Roles.


  • In charge of the strategy for the overall success of engineers in the organization

  • Organizes the definition of roles and responsibilities. Owns the engineering RASCI matrix

  • Create a culture of accountability

  • Measure and foster engagement on individual and group levels

  • Track and foster culture

  • Track eNPS and coordinate activities to improve it

  • Track performance issues, find root cause and create improvement plans.

  • Create an track psychological safety

  • Coordinates hiring, onboarding processes and new employees experience.

  • Coordinates training and continuous learning.

  • Coordinates the creation of career paths for individual contributor and management tracks

  • Serves as an escalation point for people management situations.

To succeed in this role you’ll need:

  • Knowledge of engagement frameworks

  • Knowledge of feedback techniques

  • Understanding of motivation drivers

  • Understanding of agile performance management techniques

  • Understanding of organization design principles and frameworks

  • Ability to feel successful in making others succeed

  • Passion for continuous improvement

  • Has worked as a software engineer

  • 5 + years experience managing engineers

  • Previous work using agile methodology is strongly desired

  • English language proficiency

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Purpose: You’ll be part of something bigger, working towards financial inclusion across Latin America

  • Culture: You'll work in a thriving, friendly, and fun environment that promotes open discussions, jokes, learning, video games, and lots of fun.

  • People: You'll work with some of the most driven and intelligent people in the crypto space in Latin America

  • Salary: We pay competitively to attract top talent in the market.

  • Venue: Work from wherever you want, this role is remote.

  • Work Status: Regardless of your citizenship, we will sponsor you to legally work in Mexico if you are looking for it.

  • Health Insurance: We offer one of the best medical plans

  • Performance Bonus: Your hard work will be rewarded with an attractive bonus plan.

  • Unlimited Free Days: We want our employees to recharge their batteries and explore who they are outside of the office

*As you move on to the final stage of our talent attraction journey, we will ask you to please complete our background check process.

*This role is expected to work remotely.

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