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SysOps Engineer

Magic Memories Digital · Oct 1st 2020

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There is a good chance you have already met us, and you didn’t even know it! Have you ever been to a theme park and had your picture taken? Then there is a high probability we, Magic Memories took it! We are undoubtedly a technology leader in the tourism industry working with countless partners around the world, offering them a complete end-to-end capture solution. From light entering a camera– to pixels being downloaded– to ink touching paper, we do it all at Magic Memories while making our customers smile!

Contrary to what you would think, there is quite a bit of software and infrastructure powering our venues. Whether it is as simple as using EC2, AWS/Azure/GCE, Kubernetes, Lambda, On-premise hardware, k3s or Microk8s at the edge, multi-cloud, or even IoT, there is a good chance we will either be using it, should be using it, or are already using it. We expect that you will be the person to help us figure out what needs to be added and/or removed from our stack.

Who we are (current team):

  • We are a small team of 3 in a global enterprise seeking to add one more to our lean team.

  • We oversee all cloud infrastructure operations around the globe.

  • We build the things that don’t come off the shelf.

  • We use pull-requests to ensure quality across the team.

  • We are distributed across many time zones but have meetings that are primarily concentrated between 19:00 UTC+0 to 01:00 UTC+0

  • We have an optional weekly cafe to promote team bonding_._ It’s an agendaless video conference where we hang out once a week debating tabs vs spaces, java vs javascript, and worldwide politics. Just bring your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage and a mouth full of bullshit to share.

  • We are human. We are diverse. We are accommodating.

Our Technical Environment

  • We are primarily focused on building new systems in current and active languages with extensive reliance on cloud infrastructure (primarily in AWS)

  • We have made a significant investment in automating and enabling our Software Engineers to efficiently deliver from test to production without the need for release specialists.

  • We have significant systems built using Java (Spring Boot), Angular, Ruby, & Python running on Elastic Kubernetes Service from AWS.

  • We maintain existing systems built in C#, Java, Angular, PHP, & Python on traditional EC2 with and without any configuration management (Puppet).

  • We have extensive systems deployed on-premise in hundreds of locations around the world without any configuration management.

  • We prefer containerization where possible but don’t always let infrastructure dictate the optimal solution.

  • Some of our venues process as many as 3 photos a second!

That said, the technologies and stacks on which we build our digital product will belong to the team and be shaped by you, in this role.

Who you are:

  • Language/stack agnostic: whether it’s ruby, terraform, puppet, python, bash, java, go, etc. you are always up for the challenge and abreast with the newest technologies and best practices.

  • Interested in, or have experience designing and implementing resilient and self-healing infrastructure both in the cloud and on-premise.

  • A self-starter who discovers practical solutions to hard problems and enjoys minimizing complexity along the way.

  • Eagerness to collaborate with technical and non-technical stakeholders to finish exceedingly important work.

  • A willingness to collaborate with teammates distributed across nations and timezones in a flexible workspace built and defined by you! Read more about our Remote Working Manifesto.

  • Comfortable working in an agile development environment

  • A willingness to establish and help maintain test-driven development principles.

  • Our Core Engineering Team Values sound a lot like you and sound like the people you want to work with.

Come as you are:

Your gender, your gods, your sex life, your skin colour or your bigshot uncle don't make a difference here. We are an equal opportunity employer, if you're smart and good at what you do, come as you are.

The Interview Process:

A typical candidate interview could last up to two hours. We value the input and participation of our team in every hire, so you might have anywhere from three to five total interviews with team members such as our Product Manager, the CTO, and other Software Developers. We also believe that assigning extra time for evaluation helps to increase interviewer accuracy in candidate assessments. Our aim in this process is to reduce our personal biases in order to find talent that can add to our overall team knowledge.

How to Apply:

  • Apply here through StackOverflow with a note around what we mentioned above that interests you, your resume, and a sheet of references, or apply directly using this job board.

  • As a bonus, include some examples of what you have built or accomplished in the course of your career that would illustrate why you are an excellent fit for this role. This can include side/pet projects as well.

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