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Security DevOps Engineer

ShipHero · Sep 17th 2020

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Job description

Hello, we are ShipHero ( We have built a software platform entrusted by hundreds of ecommerce companies large and small to run their operations. Many of our customers sell on Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and others. We’re driven to help our customers grow their businesses by providing a platform that solves complex problems and is engineered to be reliable and fast. We strive to build great technology that is beautiful and easy to use. Our culture also reflects our ethos and belief that by bringing empathetic, talented and great people together - you can do great things.

Our team is fully remote with most of our engineers currently spread over the Americas, and we're slowly expanding into European timezones. We communicate regularly using video chat and Slack, and put a strong emphasis on asynchronous work so people have large chunks of uninterrupted time to focus and do deep work.

We are seeking an experienced Infrastructure Security Engineer to join our growing team. We are looking for someone with a recent track record of helping build out and maintaining complex infrastructure within AWS (Amazon Web Services), as well as implementing and driving deep changes in security across all services. You would be a fundamental member of the team focusing on building a solid foundation for the platform. We seek people who are excited and driven to continue growing with the experience of working with talented engineers and helping others improve.

About You

You understand that great things are accomplished when people and teams work together. You feel comfortable owning processes and tools for deploying to production and scaling. You understand modern web architectures and tiers. You have an advanced understanding of security best practices. You take pride in your craft. You have made (a lot of) mistakes and most importantly have learned from them. You are comfortable and even enjoy mentoring others in different skillsets. You have worked on medium and large projects that have gone to production and lived there for a while.

Tech Knowledge

We are looking for people with 5+ years experience in similar roles, with knowledge in these areas: * AWS (Amazon Web Services) - Beanstalk, ECS, DynamoDB, SQS * Python * Networking * Infrastructure Security & Compliance * Terraform * Linux (Amazon Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian)

Bonus Tech Knowledge (Nice to have but not required) * Docker and building images including multi-stage with secrets * AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline * SOC2 or PCI-DSS compliance

The Role

We are looking for someone to help make our service more secure as it continues to grow, by making sure we have the restrictions in place, the right graphs to look at, meaningful alarms, pro-active pen-testing and helping us maintain development speed while keeping us sage. This is a role where you'll collaborate with many people to make things happen.

You'll also have to: Hands-on configuration, setup & maintaining our staging and production environments. Collaborate with engineers on monitoring & debugging solutions. Be part of on-call support. Automate yourself and others out of common tasks. Ability to estimate effort and ship on agreed schedule. Comfortable pushing yourself and your team members when challenges pop up. Learn and push those around you to do the same - this is a craft that you’re constantly improving upon. Implement solutions that are pragmatic to get the platform built. Have the confidence to work with experienced and talented people to build great things; you are not a “rockstar” but a team player that takes initiative.

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