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Senior WebGL Developer

Evolution Virtual · Jul 30th 2020

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Headquarters: Chicago, IL URL:

We are seeking a WebGL developer to join our team and bring their skills to bear on unique challenges. This person will be a member of our fully-distributed engineering team. Only candidates with demonstrable experience in the defined technology stack will be considered for this position.

Required skills

  • Excellent 3D math knowledge
  • Deep experience with computer graphics and 3D programming
  • Extreme proficiency with JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Several years of experience working with low-level graphics, either WebGL, OpenGL, DirectX, etc...
  • Highly proficient at developing scalable, highly interactive web applications.
  • Familiar with SVG and DOM, in general
  • An understanding of software architecture, clean code, and best practices.
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken

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