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Customer Success Representative

BBE Marketing · Jul 30th 2020

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Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX URL:

We are looking to hire a Customer Success Manager who will help in onboarding new customers, answer questions for prospective customers, and manage current customers. The person will be responsible for the following:

  1. Answering questions of prospective customers
  2. Evaluate and consult potential customers on whether our service is a good fit
  3. Onboard new customers
  4. Cancel accounts for customers, and issue refunds
  5. Keep track of customer issues and problems, along with tracking how they are using our service
  6. Create written guides for customer service processes
  7. Respond to social media questions and inquiries
  8. Help guide customers to succeed with their goals with using our service

Requirements: -Experience with Helpscout is a plus -Experience with Wordpress is a plus -Experience with Hubspot is a plus -Need someone who can work sometime within the hours of 7am-5pm P

Qualifications: -Experience working remotely is a plus -Excellent time management skills -Very strong attention to detail -Solid organizational skills -Strong communication skills -Strong writing abilities

Job Type: Contract, Full-Time

To apply:

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