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Experienced Drupal Developer

TEN7 · Jul 28th 2020

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Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN URL:

We’re growing our team and are searching for our next United States-based colleague, a contractor who can work at least 10 hours/week to start. We intend for this to develop into a full-time role.

We're looking for the right human to join us, whether mid or late in a career, west coast, east coast or somewhere in-between.

Your duties These will be your duties to start, and we’ll work together on a monthly basis to make sure they continue to be challenging and rewarding:

  • Write new code Develop functionality for websites with an eye toward maintainability, user experience, and accessibility
  • Technical project management Knowledge of agile development practices. Comfortable creating and managing tasks
  • Fix bugs Discover, investigate and fix bugs
  • Communicate Communicate with our internal team and clients to ask questions or give progress updates
  • Review work Review code with teammates
  • Improve things Suggest improvements and new approaches for projects and development processes
  • Be present Be present and prepared for team meetings
  • Share and learn Share what you know and learn from what others have to share
  • Support others Support your teammates when they’re in need
  • Accept support Allow yourself to accept support when that teammate is you

Qualities we're looking for

  • Back-end Drupal Back-end development experience on production sites using Drupal 7, 8 and 9
  • Understanding technical debt Understanding of technical debt and ability to detect "code smells"
  • Communication skills Good verbal and written communication skills. Comfortable working directly with clients.
  • Diverse interests Diverse interests and experiences
  • Considerate Warm and considerate approach toward teammates and clients alike

Bonus points for You don't need to have experience in any of these to apply... but if you do in one or a few, tell us about it!

  • Community participation Participation in your local community, in whatever capacity
  • Experience presenting Experience presenting at conferences, camps, or meetups
  • Remote experience Experience working as part of a distributed, remote team
  • and Github Familiarity with the issue queue, Github
  • Other technologies Experience with other web frameworks and technologies


We use the command line, PHP, Git (especially Git Flow), Docker, Composer, Drush, MySQL, MariaDB, Bootstrap, JIRA, Slack, Zoom, Google Docs and we hope you'll join us in using them too. And if you've never grep'd a log file, or finished a feature branch, we hope you'll want to learn how.

To apply:

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