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Frontend React and HTML5 Developer with CANVAS/SVG experience

Scalable Path · Jul 3rd 2020

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Scalable Path is looking for a Frontend React and HTML5 Developer with Canvas/SVG experience to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, part-time position (approximately 4 hours/day).

CLIENT COMPANY DESCRIPTION: The client runs a podcast production web app that helps anyone to create their own podcast in the easiest way possible.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: You will be creating an Audio Player and Editor Tool for use in a Podcast Creation Web App as the first primary task.

The aim of this project is to build an audio player and editor, in the browser, which will allow users to import audio, edit out mistakes, split their clips and layer music, and voice in a multitrack interface.

The client has a limited version of this functionality currently operating in their existing web app built on React and Node. They use the [Wavesurfer plugin]( to play audio and to offer an audio editing interface.

It's good at a basic level, but there are a number of limitations which they're struggling with, detailed in this spec, so they'd like to either (a) build their own browser-based audio player tool to replace it, and improve upon it, or (b) fork the current wavesurfer version and build their own custom version to overcome the limitations. Wavesurfer is built in HTML5 Canvas, and it seems to be the best solution for this type of work, but the client is open to other ideas.

The stages of this project are as follows:

V1 - Build their own player/editor, or an improved/forked wavesurfer, which replicates the functionality we already offer, right now.

V2 - Expand what they can do with edit regions on the current single-track version of wavesurfer.

V3 - Change how they do editing/production by building a multitrack version, which allows for 2 layered tracks and editing on both.

RELATIONSHIPS - WHO YOU'LL BE WORKING WITH: Working with the CEO on the overall approach, reporting to their Lead Engineer, and working with 3 other developers. The client is in the Europe/London (+01:00) BST time zone.

REQUIRED SKILLS: - React - HTML5 Canvas (or another web visualization framework live SVG) - CSS - Excellent written and spoken English - GIt

DESIRED (NICE-TO-HAVE) SKILLS: - Node.js - Wavesurfer.js (or another audio player/editor library)

START DATE: As soon as possible.



The pay rate for this role is from $30 - $40 USD per hour, depending on experience and capability.

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