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Google Cloud Content Creator (Part-Time Contract)

Cloud Academy · Jul 1st 2020

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Cloud Academy is looking for a content author to create video-based courses on Google Cloud Platform topics, especially DevOps services, such as Cloud Build and Container Registry. We have a production team that creates slides and animations. You would need to provide the transcript of what you're going to say, the audio of you saying it, and the video of any demos in the course.

Cloud Academy is trusted by leading companies to deliver continuous learning solutions across DevOps, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, microservices, containers, cloud security, and more.


  • Significant developer or infrastructure experience on Google Cloud Platform

  • Ideally have at least one Google Cloud Platform certification

  • Teaching experience and/or experience with educational content development

  • Superior oral and written communication skills

  • Experience with DevOps technologies

  • Must have a sample video where you show how to perform specific tasks on a computer

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