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Sr. Kubernetes/Spring Engineer

Rockbite Games · Jun 16th 2020

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[Sandship]( "Sandship Google search") is a complicated popular game created by Rockbite Games. Currently, it is expanding and scaling like crazy in terms of its user base. As we are facing new multilayer issues that came with that we know most of the system needs redoing, proper issue diagnosing and solutions. We are looking for an “I can solve all of the backend problems” person.

You will be responsible for diagnosing and analyzing the current state of high load applications experiencing a multitude of issues. And finding strategies of solving them one by one till the system is refactored/stable and perfect.

To handle this we expect true Expertise:

  • Strong experience of Java Spring applications on Kubernetes

  • Microservices expertise

  • Extremely high load backend experience (5000 req per second or more on heavy application)

  • MongoDB ins and outs

  • Understanding of low-level details and optimizations

  • Attention to detail, and thorough testing of every single possible issue, anticipating problems before they go to production to millions of players

It will be really nice if you have:

  • Experience in networking understanding Nginx ingress, load balancers and the whole cluster ecosystem is a big bonus

  • Contributions to high-load or Spring connected Open Source projects

This is a fully remote role with a start date as soon as possible.

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