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Senior Full Stack Engineer

Applied · Jun 5th 2020

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Applied is on a mission to make hiring a fair, super scientific and positive experience. It removes the CV and makes sure people are chosen on their merits; It even tracks & analyses everything down to individual interview questions so teams can understand exactly what predicts great people and what is noise.

We've proved that it's a better way to hire, for all involved, and we are looking for developers who are user-driven, creative, and want to leave the world a better, fairer place.

What's exciting about it from an engineering perspective:

  • Fast moving user-centric team working on a groundbreaking and important product that will (and already has!) change people's lives.
  • Forward leaning tech, including Lambda, Fargate, Terraform, Elasticsearch, Vue.js, Node.
  • Big focus on real-time reporting and data-visualisations of unique data sets.

You'll benefit from:

  • Equity in the business
  • Open and fair pay
  • Employee benefits package
  • Being involved in other aspects of the business, from strategy, management and training, to shaping team culture

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