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Contracts Paralegal

On Call Counsel · May 23rd 2020

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On Call Counsel is seeking a Paralegal that has worked with healthcare contracts for a temporary opportunity. In this role, you will be tasked with organizing corporate and medical contracts within a virtual date room (Sharepoint). This is a remote position and requires that candidates own their own computer equipment, high speed internet connectivity and telephone. This role is expected to start late June.

Responsibilities: • Receive, sort, and manage a large amount of data including but not limited to corporate contracts, agreements, licenses, certifications, etc.

• Sift through all contracts to eliminate duplicates, retain fully executed versions and flag any deficiencies (i.e. contracts that are not fully executed)

• Organize contracts and documents in relevant categories (e.g. vendors, capital raising, licenses, etc.)

• Index all contracts with key items notated (e.g. effective date, termination date, counterparty, name / description of contract, key terms)

Skills: • Associate degree required

• Bachelors Degree preferred

• Meticulous, detail oriented, organized

• Extensive experience working with, filing and sorting contracts

• Understanding of contracts in general to be able to effectively organize, sort and index them and identify key terms

• Equity fund raising contracts and agreements experience preferred

• Medical laboratory contracts and licenses experience preferred

Job Requirements:

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