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Technical Sales Lead / Sales Engineer (Americas)

Balena · May 14th 2020

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On being a Technical Sales Lead or Sales Engineer at balena

We run sales like we run engineering. While closing deals is important, we’re more interested in helping customers succeed with balena and solving their technical challenges. We’re also a process-driven team and work to make our sales process as efficient as possible.

We mostly focus on inbound sales, for now, understanding the needs of potential customers, helping them discover what about balena is most helpful for them, onboarding them to our platform, and ultimately helping them grow their business and scale their IoT fleets. We succeed when our customers succeed. This will be a full-time role.


  • Identify and nurture leads from our user base, inbound requests, events, etc.

  • Engage with potential customers and guide them through their evaluation of balena by providing demonstrations, answering technical questions, and explaining how balena can address their specific needs

  • Maintain relationships with existing customers, help them continue to grow with balena, and take ownership of expansion, renewal and upgrade opportunities

  • Develop tools and methods for improving process efficiency and automation

  • Gather and share feedback from customers with the product and engineering teams

  • Manage extended customer projects (such as an enterprise proof of concept)


  • Ability to understand and empathize with customer needs and requirements, and work directly with customers to address those needs

  • Willing and able to learn complex technical subjects and develop a deep understanding of the balena platform

  • Equally skilled at presenting to business executives and engineers

  • Highly organized, able to handle many threads at once, and keep things moving - you’ll be interacting with many different customers on any given day

  • Ability to navigate the sales process within organizations ranging from small startups to large multinationals

  • Self-motivated and able to drive results without too much management

  • Desire to make yourself and others more effective. You’re always looking for ways to improve the process

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and fluency in English

Bonus points

  • Technical or engineering background

  • Experience with balena-related technologies (e.g. Docker, Linux, IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi)

  • Experience working with IoT companies

  • Understanding (and healthy skepticism) of sales processes and best practices

To apply

Send us your CV/Resume and cover letter, with a focus on what you can bring to the team. Please include a paragraph in your cover letter about how you think sales leads/engineers can best help customers succeed, with examples if possible.

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