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Website Support Specialist for Law Firm Websites

The Modern Firm · Apr 18th 2020

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Headquarters: Ann Arbor, MI URL:

Role Introduction:

We work exclusively with small law firms across the country to develop, manage and promote their websites. We are looking for a person with excellent customer service and critical thinking skills to help our clients with their WordPress based websites. The person in this role will have a good grip on how to work with and modify websites within the WordPress ecosystem and have ability to help our clients and company with four primary things.

  1. Updating website content and adding features as requested by clients.
  2. Proactively auditing client websites to stay on top of handicap accessibility, speed ratings and overall website freshness.
  3. Assisting our website development team with simple to intermediate WordPress theme modifications and the technical end of launching a website.
  4. Helping our company with internal projects such as process documentation and keeping client records updated.

This role is primarily client-facing with support issues being handled by email, phone and screen sharing.

About Us:

The Modern Firm, LLC is a branding, website design and online marketing agency for solo and small firm attorneys throughout the US. In business for nearly 20 years, we have worked with 1000+ law firms in nearly every state (still holding out for Hawaii and Rhode Island) and have a dedicated and creative team of 10, mostly remote, employees and another 10+ regular contractors. We’re headquartered out of Ann Arbor, MI but our team, while mostly in the midwest, is from coast (NC) to coast (WA).

About Our Clients:

We work with small law firms throughout the United States. The majority of our clients are solo to five-attorney firms. We go to great lengths to screen new clients and ensure that their needs and expectations are an overall good fit for our services and approach. Most of our clients are successful and established and are looking for a website to validate, enhance and further grow their practice. They are also typically overwhelmed with both being a lawyer and running a law firm. This is where we come in. When we are at our best we are essentially serving as their outsourced web and online marketing department, taking nearly everything related to their online presence off of their plate and onto ours. When we’re successful, we are helping our clients get more fulfillment out of running their practice and enabling them to help more people.

About Our Websites:

The sites we create are custom built in Wordpress using a parent theme/framework we’ve specially developed for law firms. They are straightforward, fast and easy to navigate. They tell the firm’s story and give a feel for the firm’s personality. In addition to validating and legitimizing the law firm to prospective clients, our websites serve as a primary marketing tool. When combined with our online marketing services, the websites bring in a steady flow of prospective business. You can see examples here and on our portfolio.

About The Job:

As stated above, this position has four primary components. Here is expanded information on each:

  1. Assisting clients with website support requests: When our clients would like to update their website they typically email the request to us. All requests are tracked in our helpdesk software. The people in this role must be able accurately understand, discuss, clarify and see requests through to completion while taking up minimal time from the client. Requests range from straightforward content updates, to installing plugins, making design changes, migrating hosting, updating photos, etc. Essentially all of the day-to-day things that come up with owning a website. You’ll also be delivering basic training to clients (when they request it), teaching them how to log into their website to publish new material and make basic edits.
  2. Proactive website care: Something that sets our company apart is that we don’t sit back and wait for problems or client requests. We have a system set up to automatically prompt us to audit client websites to see if there are issues we should be fixing or bringing to their attention. We find this greatly enhances our relationship with the client and leads to many opportunities for up-selling services, or simply letting them know when things are getting stale. Typical issues we look for are blogs that haven’t been updated, date and experience references that are old, contact forms that are not working, broken links, and outdated content.
  3. Assisting our website development team: Our development team is highly focused on the branding, messaging, design and initial programming of the website. As the website gets closer to completion, assistance is needed from the support team for minor CSS and programming tweaks and changes to the website theme. A support team member will also launch the website, so this involves tracking down domain names, making DNS changes and getting the website live on our servers (or the client’s 3rd party host).
  4. Internal projects: During moments of down-time, we always have several in-house projects going on that can use a helping hand. Most frequently these projects will involve creating internal documentation for our processes, drafting FAQs or an instructional guide for our website, updating client records and other important but less time sensitive items than direct client service.

A Day In The Job May Look Like:

  • Handling of 10-15 minor helpdesk tickets that take anywhere from 5-10 minutes each
  • Auditing of 1-2 websites that takes 15-30 minutes each
  • Working on 2-3 more involved tickets or launching a website
  • Training a client via screen-sharing on how to use WordPress (30-45 minutes)
  • Helping the website team with adjustments to a WordPress theme


The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • Excellent writing, communication and time management skills
  • Experience working remotely and with remote teams
  • Experience building and supporting websites
  • Basic SEO and marketing knowledge
  • Strong WordPress knowledge; including editing WordPress themes and basic PHP and Javascript.
  • Working knowledge of finding solutions on StackOverflow, search engines or in 3rd Party Documentation
  • Comfortable with making CSS and HTML edits
  • Experience with using Inspect Element in Modern Browsers
  • Working knowledge of domain registrations, cPanel/WHM, website hosting, CDNs and DNS
  • Basic graphic editing skills (cropping, resizing, light touching-up)
  • Ability to work inside of Adobe Photoshop (PSDs)
  • Willingness to learn supplementary/complementary skills as needed to support your job tasks

Bonus Qualifications

  • Familiarity with law firms and working with lawyers
  • Familiarity with Zoho Desk and the Zoho One suite
  • 2+ years of website customer support experience

Pay, Benefits and Details:

  • $45,000 yearly salary
  • Medical / Dental / Vision insurance (we cover 75% of employee cost)
  • Performance bonuses
  • 100% remote but must have significant overlap with 9am-5pm EST workday. Can also work at our HQ in Ann Arbor, MI
  • Allowance for home office or coworking expenses.
  • Simple IRA retirement plan with 2% match
  • Unlimited PTO

To Apply

You must be based in the USA.

Please send a cover letter, resume, three references and the city and state you’ll be working from to

To apply:

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