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ServiceNow developer

IFOST · Mar 16th 2020

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Headquarters: Sydney, Australia URL:

I'm looking for a ServiceNow developer for a 90 day fully-remote contract starting ASAP to help me deliver a natural language processing project for a client. You don't need to know any NLP yourself, but this is going to involve heavier javascript work than you would normally see in a ServiceNow development project.

Ideally you are in a timezone compatible with GMT+10/11.

The client is in the USA and if they like what they see, they might consider an extension and/or employing directly.

To be clear (after responding to quite a few applicants): if you don't know what ServiceNow is, don't apply. If you have never worked with it before, don't apply. By the time you get yourself up to speed on ServiceNow -- it is not a simple platform -- the project will be over.

To apply:

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