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DevOps Engineer

Finsera · Mar 9th 2020

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  • Automate operational and server provisioning workflows using Terraform/Ansible/Kubernetes/CloudFormation.

  • Code and automate repetitive tasks, processes using scripting languages bash/python.

  • Share the responsibility for deploying releases and conducting other operations maintenance.

  • Communicate with the rest of the Engineering for rolling out broad changes.

  • Enhance operations infrastructure such as Jenkins clusters, Gitlab, monitoring tools (Rollbar, Sentry), metrics tools such as Grafana/CloudWatch, Logging & Analytics tools such as SumoLogic/LogDNA/Prometheus.


  • Good understanding of virtualization, networking, databases, message queueing, etc.

  • 2+ years of experience in AWS.

  • 2+ years experience with Docker and Kubernetes

  • 2+ years experience with common build and deployment (CI/CD) tools and practices

  • Experience with log analysis and monitoring tools such as Nagios, Splunk, ElasticStack, etc.

  • Kubernetes, CloudFront, EC2, VPC, RDS, Route53, ELB, Direct Connect, Kinesis.

  • Familiarity with standard IT security practices such as encryption, certificates, and key management

  • Exposure to operating Postgres, Redis

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