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Expert FS NodeJs / React / RN Developer Required for Realtime Application

Rekordio · Mar 7th 2020

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Equity options included. Salary range dependent on skillsets and experience. Founding team member status.

Full-time, remote. Work experience more than 8+ years.

We’re seeking high quality engineers. You must care deeply about the quality of your work. You are opinionated, but also open-minded to information that might change your opinion. You’ll be joining our company as a Founding Team member. You and one other person, will be responsible for building a web application, server, React Native (iOS) application of the back of our iOS SDK. You will be working with a team of DSP experts and other engineers in order to get this project off the ground.

You must have experience with the following:

  • ReactJs

  • NodeJs / Express

  • React Native

  • Websockets

  • WebRTC

  • API development

Ideally you'd have experience with:

  • NoSQL

  • SIP protocol / Twilio

  • AWS

  • Devops

  • Framework Architecture

  • XMPP

You’ll be joining our organisation in its infancy and have an integral say over how the technology is shaped.

PLEASE NOTE: In your cover message, you must address your experience with NodeJs, WebSockets and WebRTC. Also please put in the value of 1321 + 31231. Applicants who do not do this, will not be considered.

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