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Senior Scala/Kubernetes Engineer

Luna · Mar 5th 2020

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Luna is looking for a senior cloud software engineer to take charge of the design, development, and evolution of the new SaaS offering for Luna, a project said by Singularity University to have the potential to change the lives of one-billion people. If you bring strong technical skills and have a passion for collaboration, this role could be for you.

As a senior cloud software engineer, you'll be leading the effort to design and develop our new SaaS offering, providing a web-based version of Luna to our clients. Your work will be integral to the next phase of Luna's development, as we expand our offering beyond the open-source project. You'll be able to work with a world-class team of skilled engineers, community managers, and business developers (from Bloomberg, GitHub and PayPal to name a few), and put your indelible stamp on Luna's future.

What You'll Do

As a senior cloud software engineer you'll be in charge of building the SaaS offering for Luna, hosting both the language and its IDE in the cloud. This will involve:

  • Working closely with the internal teams to design a secure and scalable SaaS architecture.

  • Developing a SaaS solution based upon that design with robust tooling and reliability, as well as inbuilt support for collaboration.

  • Hosting the architecture on a cloud provider without becoming too dependent on any one given platform.

  • Contributing to the evolution of this vibrant open-source project by bringing a new component to its ecosystem and product offering.

The Skills We're Looking For

We have a few particular skills that we're looking for in this role:

  • 3+ years experience in designing secure, scalable, and collaboration-ready SaaS architectures.

  • A strong commitment to security and scalability that permeates your approach to design.

  • Experience with Kubernetes deployment and administration using EKS.

  • Experience with Scala and Akka.

  • Practical knowledge about AWS networking and storage architectures, and how they integrate with Kubernetes.

  • Experience managing AWS resources using Terraform.

  • Experience working in an SRE capacity on monitoring, incident handling and continuous service improvement.

  • Experience building and delivering CI/CD pipelines to ensure service stability and reliability.

  • Experience employing Devops practices such as the 'continuous everything' and 'everything as code' styles of work.

  • Experience working with Git, and preferably GitOps.

It would be a big bonus if you also had:

  • Skills working with Azure and GCP to help expand beyond AWS in the future.

  • Experience working in close conjunction with multiple product teams to ensure that the solutions you provide meet their needs.

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