Senior NodeJS back end software developer

Prometheum · Feb 7th 2020

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  • 7+ years’ experience building, leading and maintaining multi-layer, services-oriented web-facing applications

  • Extensive experience of NodeJS and common packages, architectures

  • Experience designing, maintaining and expanding APIs via REST, WebSocket and other technologies

  • Experience building tool chain applications, agents, services, server and client applications in NodeJS or similar

  • Thorough working knowledge (and preferably DBA experience) working with a variety of database, NoSQL and other storage technologies in NodeJS (at least including PostgreSQL and Redis)

  • Application (and host) scaling experience with NodeJS

  • Some experience building with front-end frameworks (e.g. React, Vue) required

  • Full stack application architecture and design experience required (everything from the hardware and network to browser packaging and usability)

Experience with the following is also beneficial:

  • NextJS

  • Docker (for development and production)

  • GraphQL

  • Typescript

  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts

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