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Angular and TypeScript frontend developer

FirstBlood · Jan 29th 2020

Apply on StackOverflow Careers

Note: Due to the high volume of applications we had to direct all the candidates to apply through a Google Form. You need to a Google account in order to apply for now. We apologise for this and we will change the process to a more generic solution as soon as possible.

We are looking for an experienced frontend engineer to help us build the best gaming platform for eSports fans and players.

We appreciate developers who express themselves deeply and speak clearly. Working on early-stage products excites you and you love collaborating with the product team to find the best solutions for the product. You understand that this is a team sport and that we can only win together. If you are passionate about gaming, eSports and working with the latest web technologies, you will have a blast working with us.

Your application must include

  • Your CV or resume

  • Github, StackOverfow and LinkedIn profile links

  • References to any open source projects you have contributed in the past

  • Whether you have had your own startup or company in the past

  • Number of years of software development experience

  • Programming languages, frameworks, databases and tools you have worked with

What we expect

  • Minimum of three years of software development experience required

  • You are up-to-date with the latest front end development trends

  • An eye for design and a mind for UX

  • Angular experience or strong experience in other frontend frameworks

  • TypeScript or strong JavaScript experience

  • UNIX command-line basics on macOS or Linux

  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as CSS, Webpack, Yarn

  • Familiar with REST APIs

  • Experience working with others on Github

  • Experience with remote work

  • If you play competitive video games, like DOTA or PUBG, it is a big plus

You will be

  • Shipping features on a daily level

  • Planning and collaborating on features with product managers, designer and engineers

If you lack some experience in the stack but has a proven record in other stacks and passion for programming and solving interesting problems.

Apply on StackOverflow Careers