Senior Software Engineer (Remote in UK)

FreeAgent · Dec 3rd 2019

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The Role

  • Develop new product features and improve existing ones using a test-driven approach

  • Work closely with other engineers, product managers and designers to deliver an amazing product experience for our customers

  • Help your team plan, estimate and deliver projects. Shipping isn't just about merging pull requests – we put an emphasis on writing culture and ask engineers to document what they've created to expand our collective knowledge

  • Contribute new ideas for developing features and refactoring areas of code

  • Share what you've learned by talking at our weekly Engineering Forum

  • Continually expand your knowledge of both our business and technology domain. We have the resources and we give you the time to learn!

  • Develop and apply your mentoring and leadership skills

Technologies we use: Ruby, Rails, RSpec, Javascript, MySQL, AWS, Terraform, Jenkins

Apps we use: GitHub, Trello, G Suite, Notion, Miro


We look for:

  • Commercial experience of developing and maintaining web apps

  • Enthusiasm for taking complex problems and simplifying them for customers

  • Attention to detail. We value people who believe a job worth doing is worth doing right

  • Pragmatism; being committed to getting things done while understanding tradeoffs

  • A high level of self-motivation and self-awareness

  • A commitment to ongoing self-development, improving both technical and soft skills. If you have the commitment, we can provide opportunities for you.

  • Strong communication skills. Being able to write well and articulate your thoughts are great skills to have in any business.

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