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Confluent Design · Oct 25th 2019

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Confluent Design is seeking an experienced web developer for regular contract work on a Processwire (PHP) based website, several Rails apps, and potential api and js integrations with other platforms. Solid experience with Git, Rails, JavaScript, and PHP is required. The job will include reviewing and updating existing web sites and applications, as well as collaborating on strategy and roadmaps for future development.

You will be working closely with our talented team lead (an experienced front end designer and HTML/CSS author) to implement new features and entirely new applications in a highly collaborative environment. We expect the usual task load to require approximately 20 hours per week.

Bonus points for experience with: Processwire, Marketo, FormAssembly, SalesForce, SquareSpace, Luminate Online, and Asana.

About Confluent Design We are a small group of creative professionals who are passionate about creating engaging, accessible, high performance websites and web applications for good causes that help people. Currently, we primarily serve a nonprofit supporting veterans and their families. We would like to find someone to grow with us and lead our web programming efforts.

Apply: Please send resumes to jared@confluentdesign.com

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