Fullstack ReactJS / NodeJS Developer

Code Careers · Oct 11th 2019

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You'll be working on our own platform of Code Careers as our skilled developer. You'll be coding to realise our mission to make a great place to work for programmers into production. You build this platform while also dogfooding it yourself. Take this opportunity to shape your future as well as the future of many other developers worldwide. There's a dashboard to start epic new journeys from, there's the API - in case you want to hack the way your working. There's the need to visualise your coding skills and the progress you're making along the way. That's just the start...

What to expect from us

The Company

Code Careers

Code Careers started by talking to many programmers asking the simple question: how would you like to work? Turns out this was quite different than they're working now! That's the problem we're solving. You'll be joining a team of 4: founder, fullstack programmer, recruiter and designer. A healthy combination of business savvy and technical skills. Together we're building the greatest (virtual) place to work by taking all voiced concerns to heart: easy role switching (freelance, paid employment switching, entrepreneuring), try out work in a different programming language without the need to switch jobs, better (online) education, actually rewarding hard work. I'm sure you can think of some ways to improve fun at work, right?

We offer you

  • Flexibility in working time and place

  • A good salary

  • Make a great work environment for yourself and many other devs

  • Exceptional learning possibilities

What we expect from you

Web development is your favourite activity anyway? Are you interested in hacking the way your work? Are you a keen learner? Do you like tinkering with the latest web technology? Then you will definitely have an interesting time at Code Careers! You know your way around in software development. You're handling both backend and frontend development with ease. You know the definition of done is not: it works for me?! You can give and receive code-reviews as a professional who wants to improve him/herself and collegues? You know what git is and expect nothing less?

Then you will definitely have an interesting time with us!

You'll be joining a friendly environment in which you don't have to be afraid to speak your mind or ask permission about how you think you should get something done. As long as your goal aligns with that of the team: get things done!


  • You're experienced in NodeJS, ReactJS

  • You like working with people from other planets like designers and recruiters (promised - this is not your average linked-in spammer)

  • You're not someone who waits until told what to do but contributes and takes initiative

  • Previous experience into cloud deployments, devops is a plus

  • Fluent in English speaking/wording. Dutch is a plus

  • You live near our Eindhoven based office to prevent excessive commutes

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