Full Stack Engineer

Conducto · Sep 27th 2019

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Conducto is a new startup that has a proven product and strong funding, and is poised for rapid growth. We have a collaborative work environment where we learn from each other to solve harder problems than any of us can alone. We hope you’ll be a good match for our team.

What you’ll do:

  • Work on a small team with the company’s founders to commercialize the platform.

  • Be one of the first employees at a fast-growing startup.

  • Focus will be on back-end Python work, but must be able to do front-end and infrastructure work to be most effective

  • Build a highly available web app that supports AWS, GCP, and Azure.

  • Add features to the back-end of the existing product and build new applications.

Skills you’ll need:

  • 3+ years experience building highly available web apps.

  • Python. Be really good at Python. Fancy tricks aren’t required, just be fluent.

  • Experience with Linux is a must.

  • Experience with at least one major cloud service (AWS, GCP, Azure).

  • Familiarity with front-end tools like JS/React/Redux

  • Familiarity with infrastructure systems like CI/CD tools, DBs, and networking

  • Appreciates balance between building beautiful abstractions and actually delivering a product.

Bonus Points:

  • Familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes is a plus

  • Experience with protecting user data -- security and encryption.

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