User Interface Software Engineer @ Hugo Health

Hugo Health · Sep 13th 2019

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Hugo is looking for a user interface software engineer to work on our platform’s front-end. Candidates should be primarily experienced in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Specific experience (at least 6 months) using React and to build front-end user interfaces is a requirement. The software engineer would be integrated with a current team of experienced developers who work mostly from remote locations.


  • Participate in developing React based applications and provide implementations of new features and flows.

  • Concise usage of CSS-In-JS patterns

  • Write front-end code that connects to a backend layer of services to display and manipulate data in our platform.

  • Proficient understanding of version control tools (Git)

  • Familiarity with continuous integration


  • React (required)

  • Yarn/Npm and NodeJS

  • WebPack and/or CreateReactApp

  • Experience calling REST or GraphQL services

  • Experience using latest JS development patterns (ES6 or Typescript)

  • Experience writing PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) and SPAs (Single Page Apps) UX and Design Experience preferred

  • Typescript experience preferred

  • Electron application platform experience preferred

  • PhoneGap/Adobe Cordova platform experience preferred

Compensation and Benefits

  • Independent consultant

  • Compensation commensurate with experience and capabilities


Hugo is located in Guildford, CT but is looking for remote/work from home. Ability to travel for occasional meetings is preferred.

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