.NET AWS Cloud Operations Engineer for Healthcare Software Platform

CareEvolution · Sep 9th 2019

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Note: this job is open to US Residents only. Foreign nationals can apply - but only if you live within the US.

What we do actually matters. CareEvolution's HIEBus platform creates better patient outcomes.

Simply stated, we make a Health Information Exchange software platform that ingests, links, and aggregates patient healthcare data, and supports web and mobile healthcare applications - including our own - in interacting with that data in meaningful ways.

We are looking for talented AWS cloud operations engineers with significant experience deploying, managing, scaling, monitoring, and automating classic .NET applications and SQL Server databases on EC2 instances.

At CareEvolution, we don't tell you what to do. Part of the work at CareEvolution is determining what to do. We've designed our organization specifically to promote creativity, innovation, and focus on solving some of the most difficult problems in healthcare.

Skills & Requirements

Must haves

  • AWS, including the following:
  • EC2 (including instances and networking)

  • VPC

  • IAM

  • S3

  • Load Balancing

  • EBS

  • SQL Server database administration (index rebuilds, perf monitoring and profiling, log shipping and the like)

  • .NET, C#

  • Powershell

  • A real passion for solving problems in healthcare

  • A willingness and ability to actively help define the scope of our work

  • The ability and interest to learn many different things - and teach others

  • Strategic thinking - in terms of helping us be competitive in the marketplace, yes - but more importantly, strategic in helping us deliver on our mission of creating better patient outcomes. We're serious about this.


  • Clinical IT expertise (e.g. HL7, CCDAs, FHIR etc.)

  • Azure

  • AWS Lambda

  • Terraform

  • Thought leadership and experience for the eventual migration to modern services such as RDS, etc.

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