Operations & client services assistant for busy hedge fund

Capitalist Exploits · Sep 4th 2019

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  • Full time customer service & admin staff member required for online investment subscription business, independent research & money management firm under the group name Capitalist Exploits (https://capitalistexploits.at).
  • “Work from home” role with flexibility in terms of daily schedule
  • Role focused on helping customers with account enquiries, general administration of our systems, keeping, customer database in order, some project management
  • Candidates must be native English speakers
  • Start immediately


We are professional money managers and commentators of financial markets. We also sell independent investment research - giving everyday people the ability to invest like fund managers do. We currently sell two research products, both as annual subscriptions, to around 1000 current subscribers.

The company is headquartered in Singapore, however we work from all over the world, with a concentration of staff in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, U.S.A and Canada.

We are known for our casual and sometimes controversial style, and have a company culture that is contrary to most organisations in the world of finance (an analogy: our competition is like CNN, we’re like Joe Rogan).


We need someone to be responsible for ensuring our customers feel important and looked after across our various products - and rather than sharing this responsibility among our existing team, we need a dedicated resource who can be the point of focus for customers, staff and prospective customers alike for basic enquiries and administrative duties. As well as looking after customers, some project management skills such as ensuring various internal initiatives are executed on, by various staff.

We also need to ensure our database is always clean/current so that we can operate the business efficiently.


This is a flexible role, responsible for helping to:

  • Increase our ability to acquire customers through efficient communication (email, chat, phone etc)
  • Increase our rate of customer retention (subscription renewals, helping customers with payment etc)
  • Pro-actively engaging customers to update cc when expiring, offer upsells, discounts etc in order to obtain higher customer retention.
  • Initiating customer reviews of our products & services
  • Identifying errors in our database and systems and fixing them to make operations more efficient
  • Moderating our customer chat forum
  • Helping ensure internal projects get done on time


Duties include:

  • Responding to customers over email, chat or phone and helping them with their problems
  • Managing projects / arranging appointments with external contacts
  • Maintaining the accuracy of our customer database by editing contacts
  • Processing manual payments, including issuing refunds via our payments processor
  • Moderating our member forum (slack community)
  • Proactively reaching out to customers to check if they’re happy with the service
  • Proactively selling subscriptions to customers who have indicated they wish to buy
  • Manning the online chat function and responding to customers in real time (within agreed hours)


  • Native English speaker (understands colloquialisms and slang)
  • Comfortable with learning and using online applications (we use Ontraport, Stripe and Wordpress)
  • Comfortable with using google suite (sheets, docs etc) and software/apps in general
  • Expected minimum 30 hours per week
  • Reside in a timezone friendly to Australasia
  • Financial/investing knowledge not required, but advantageous
  • Prior customer service / admin experience for an international online business advantageous


  • Trainable… high level of comprehension, not afraid to ask questions
  • Detail oriented
  • Reliable, does what they say they’ll do
  • Neat, tidy, craves organisation and order, takes ownership
  • Likes managing people
  • Friendly, sociable and efficient in dealing with people & customers
  • After being trained, can self manage time and prioritise tasks
  • Enjoys managing tasks/projects/calendars/people
  • Hard working, can work on own initiative with minimal input from others


  • Not well organised (like many of our team!)
  • Not fluent/native English speaker
  • Cannot manage their time efficiently
  • Easily offended (investment research can produce politically incorrect content)
  • Gets away with as little as possible, is lazy, likes to coast
  • Requires constant management and being told what to do
  • Afraid to criticize others or suggest better ideas


  • Long term management position for the right person
  • Flexibility in how and where you work, so long as things get done to an agreed standard
  • Great entry position into finance/money management business
  • Work with interesting people from around the world

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