Senior Rails Software Engineer

GateMedia SA · Aug 14th 2019

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We are looking for a senior fullstack Rails engineer to work on a new, challenging, Digital Twin platform. It will consist of a mix of fintech, digital signage, IoT sensors and a bit of AI (NLP and Computer Vision). There will be some complex API design work & integration to do (API-fying some services + designing a GraphQL-based API for mobile and embedded devices) as well as implementing a scaleable architecture using message brokers and workers.

We expect you to have experience in building high-scale cloud apps from conception to deployment. You have opinions on gems and tools and are self-managed.

This is a remote position. We're based in Switzerland and we're looking for someone living in Switzerland or in the EU/AELE.

Our stack is mostly composed of Rails, React, GraphQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, WebSocket/ActionCable. We're hosted on Heroku and use GitHub.


  • Architect, develop, test and document maintainable software with a commitment to excellence
  • Build a high-scale app using a message broker service
  • Performance analysis (being able to tell and fix issues related to being CPU-bound, DB-bound, memory-bound etc.)
  • Collaborate with the CTO to design and iterate based on feedback
  • Provide detailed Code Reviews to your teammates and submit high-quality PRs
  • Take over some of our existing platforms as well


The well-being of our employees is an essential element in the success of our company and we put a great deal of effort into having people feel good and productive.

About GateMedia

GateMedia is a technological company providing complex mobility-related digital solutions mixing both cloud and embedded aspects through the use of our in-house platforms.

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