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GoDigitalChina AS · Jul 31st 2019

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Headquarters: Oslo, Norway URL:

Are you a growth marketer seeking to enter a distributed (remote) and fast growing SaaS company?

Here at GoDigitalChina we are a team of 6 full-time people, with plans of doubling over the next half year as we have closed our seed funding round.

Focused on enriching peoples’ lives by connecting the world, we make doing business in China easy for everyone, by developing and delivering cloud software and consultancy services.

Our webpages are (SaaS) and (Consulting).


(Must get done)

As part of our sales and marketing team you will report to the head of growth and will work on increasing awareness and acquisition by targeting international brands and companies. Results would be measured in number of qualified leads received each month.

(Good to get done)

Depending on your experience and skills you might also be called upon to help us setup, optimise and analyse campaigns towards the Chinese market, if this is something you have capabilities for.

As we’re not in a position to train people from scratch right now, we’ll need you to detail your experience in order to apply.

In addition to our other team members you will work with several freelancers we use to support our sales and marketing efforts.

Who we are looking for:

*has 3-5 years of proven digital marketing experience

*Lifelong learner

*Experience with A/B or multivariate tests.

*Fits the 5 “must haves” on our skills overview and at least 1 of the good to have.

*Proactive self-starter who does not need to be told what to do but can both suggest and run projects to completion.

*As we are a multi-location/remote company it is imperative that you are able to communicate clearly in writing as most of our projects and communication are done through Slack.

The Must Have skills

Day to day your work would be quite varied as one day you might be working on optimising our paid advertising campaigns, another day work with a freelance writer to get the next blog post just right, or tightening the funnel for one of our lead generation pages.

Our inbound engine is up and running. That said there is a tremendous amount of untapped potential, and what follows are the skills that we perceive will be needed for you to succeed in this role. This is not an exhaustive list of what you’ll be working on. It is an opening scope, and you should be prepared to take on other challenges and tasks as well, because we are a startup in rapid growth.

#1: Paid advertising: (Must have)

-Campaign creation (Google Ads, Fb, Reddit, LinkedIn)

-Asset creation

-Campaign Optimisation

#2: SEO: (Must have)

-Backlink building

-Keywords optimisation

-content writing

#3: Conversion Rate Optimisation: (Must have)


-Asset creation & editing

-Webpage frontend design (our webpage is made using Wordpress & Elementor, meaning coding is not necessary, but an understanding of design and testing to find what works is)

#4: Email marketing: (Must have)

-List building

-Newsletter writing

-Email campaign optimisation

#5 Language abilities:

-English at full professional proficiency, both written & spoken (must-have)

Good to haves

These are some abilities that would make you stand out, and could make you even more valuable to our team.

(Having these will not be prioritised over the must have skills, so don't worry if you don't have some of these)

#1. Social Media Marketing (Good to have)

  • Running our social media accounts
  • Setup and maintenance of automated posting
  • Follower interaction:

#2. China ability: (Good to have)

-Understanding of China’s digital ecosystem

-Experience with digital advertising in China

-Chinese (Mandarin) professional capacity, both written & spoken (Good to have)

#3. Analytics: (Good to have)

-Conversion tracking & closing the loop

-Google analytics


#4. Photo editing (Good to have)

-Familiarity with Photoshop, GIMP or equivalent software

About GoDigitalChina

Focused on enriching peoples’ lives by connecting the world, we make doing business in China easy for everyone by developing and delivering cloud software and consultancy services.

We are a fast growing startup doing business towards China, the largest market in the world, with an international team made up of smart and hard-working people. This is the place where you’ll get the responsibilities and freedom to do your best work, and make an impact, from where you need to be.

GoDigitalChina (GDC) is a distributed company headquartered in Norway, founded in 2015, with team members in China and open for remote work in Europe, Middle East and Asian time zones.

In beginning of 2019 we launched to make it easy for everyone to advertise in China. Through, we offer consultancy services for international companies entering or growing their China business.

To learn a bit more about us and how we work, here are our company rules:

  1. Do the right thing.
  1. Be honest.
  1. Keep promises.
  1. Mistakes are allowed.
  1. Talk is cheap, everyone should deliver.
  1. Be understanding and patient.
  1. Show gratitude.
  1. Use your brain.
  1. Be positive.
  1. Avoid complaining.

We get together twice a year in person for all-hands meetings and team building.

You will be expected to be available online using instant messaging software (We use Slack and WeChat) during your work, of which at least 4 hours daily should be overlapping with the team.

You'll be attending weekly all-hands team meetings on Mondays, and outside of that we keep in regular touch via Slack, WeChat and video hangouts as needed throughout the week.

Ps. Most of us who work in GoDigitalChina today have a special connection or interest in China, and we would love to hear what makes you want to work at a company whose aim is to bridge the gap between the world and China.


-Work from anywhere, as long as you can overlap with the team by 4 hours. (Easiest done from Europe or Asia)

-Growth & competitive salary

-2x Annual retreats

-Full-time (40 hours per week) remote job with contract. This is NOT a freelance / part-time position you can do in tandem with other professional endeavors.

-For employees in Norway we are able to offer full-time employment.

-Compensated time off based on your location

-For full-time team members we offer coworking space membership if needed.

If this speaks to you, and you’ve been looking to join an amazing startup journey with a and fast growing product in an expanding market, don’t hesitate.

Send us your application today.

How to apply:

-Apply through this link:

Ps. We are very excited to receive a very high volume of applicants, but due to the volume, we are unfortunately only able to respond to successful candidates.

To apply:

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