Senior C# Developer

Impala · Jul 24th 2019

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Our market leading hospitality API platform is partially powered by a remote Data Reader that extracts data from a system and securely transmits it back to Impala to be parsed and made available via our API.

As a Senior C# Developer, you'll:

  • Work as the lead developer of our Data Reader product within our engineering team. You'll also have the opportunity to contribute to other areas of our codebase depending on your interests and experience.

  • Participate in building and maintaining logging and monitoring solutions to ensure the continued functioning of Data Reader instances.

  • Collaborate with our product team to suggest and design new features to improve security, usability and reliability of the Data Reader.

  • Mentor other team members through pair programming, code reviews, and ad-hoc assistance.

What we're looking for:

  • An experienced C# developer, with proven success deploying and maintaining production services.

  • Someone who is comfortable working on greenfield projects, drawing on experience to choose technologies that suit the projects requirements.

  • Knowledge of unit and integration testing tools and techniques.

  • Experience working with SQL databases such as MSSQL and Oracle.

  • Someone who avoids over-engineering of solutions and understands how to maintain a high-quality of code in a delivery-focused environment.

What would make you stand out:

  • Experience packaging and deploying C# services in an automated fashion, especially including automatic updates.

  • Javascript knowledge. Experience with React and/or Node is even better.

  • Knowledge of AWS, CircleCI, Docker, Terraform, Git.

  • Experience working within a remote team.

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