Remote Customer Support Representative

Crazy Egg · Jul 17th 2019

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Headquarters: California URL:

Do you helping others?

If YES, we have a position for you. What we do …

We are a fun-loving data enthusiasts’ company, who loves helping customers realize their websites full potential. Paying attention to those who pay attention to you, is more than a phrase for us. It is a way of life.

The Position

We are looking for one to two people to join our frontline team and support us in providing the best Customer Experience to our customers. At the heart of everything we do is helping others. Helping customers choose the right plan, to set things up on their site, to resolve challenges they are facing. Providing accurate answers to customers in a timely manner is key.

If YOU …
  • LOVE Helping Others! You consider helping a customer succeed to be very self-satisfying.

  • are self-disciplined. Working remotely to support customers with accurate responses in a timely manner within a global remote environment.

  • are a fast learner who will ask questions when you do not understand something?

  • are a fast worker who makes minimal mistakes

  • LOVE a challenge and problem-solving.

  • are an awesome juggler of tasks

  • COMMUNICATE when you do not know something when you are seeing a pattern of issues in customer emails, you know when to communicate and how to communicate in an effective manner for a busy environment

  • understand website design and javascript. BONUS: You know how to work with Chrome Inspect Tool

  • can start your shift at 4 am PST | 7 am EST or 1 pm PST | 4 pm EST

Then we have a position for you!

We will …
  • train you on our software.
  • teach you the basics of troubleshooting

All while we have fun along the way.

If you are interested …

This is a full-time position for the person who is the right fit. Send us a resume and cover letter in pdf format to

In your cover letter tell me three things:

  1. Why do you love helping others? Tell us about the first time you realized you loved to help others? What made this memorable?
  2. Describe the last 3 Customer Service jobs you had and why you loved and hated working there
  3. Tell us your ideal learning and working conditions as it relates to this job. How would you communicate with others on a remote team? How would you need someone to communicate with you?

To apply:

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